Illustrator Bridget Richardson // Interview

Bridget Richardson is an illustrator and designer beep-booping along with her animal family in Longmont, Colorado. She draws and makes stuff that keeps her brain distracted from the messy bits of life. Surrounding herself with comedy, smiley faces, and bright colors keeps her sane.

What motivated you to become an illustrator and designer?

I discovered design in a high school art class and was just amazed that someone could make a living from doing art for bands and t-shirts!

Since I had never heard of such a thing, I actually had to apply multiple times to get my portfolio approved to be in art school because I had very little high school art experience. I studied design for four years in Albany, NY then got my first big girl job at a packaging design firm in Boulder, CO that specialized in food, beverage, and cannabis.

After 3 years I decided I wanted more control over my life and went freelance doing packaging, and I’ve been getting more into illustration since I’ve had more free time. It’s always been something I pushed pretty heavily in my design style because it makes me smile. 

What’s the best part about being a creative?

Probably drawing faces on everything. Or looking for faces in everything. I know its something we all do as humans but it’s fun for me to personify inanimate objects because I feel like everything has an emotion tied to it! I also just love the idea that it’s up to lil’ ol’ ME to make a narrative, and it can be as dumb or profound as I want it!

What inspires you the most?

Emotions! They intrigue me, and I’ll never understand my own in full, but that makes me want to create more of what I feel so I can then hold it up, look at it, then unpack it.

What are your best childhood memories?

I used to be the hook up for an original crayon drawing of Blue from Blue’s Clues in Kindergarten. That was the first thing I felt confident about making. I also remember learning how to draw a lion with 3 circles from Lamb Chop. It’s safe to say I learned lots of tips from characters on TV.

What emotions do you try to inspire?

Maybe like an “awwwww,” I’m so drawn to cute things I can’t help myself, but I always make sure to give them some of my attitude to make them more relatable. 

What about DAY OFF?

THAT’S ME AND MY PARTNER IN LIFELuke DiBona. He’s also an illustrator, so it’s sort of our online retail space where we make rugs, paintings, woodcuts, prints, apparel, etc 🙂

Check out Luke’s work @luke_d_ill and on Instagram!

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