The current idea of HEBV is to increasingly broaden the stylistic and communicative horizons through sound. The latest release Body Crash / Sempre Delusione is the beginning of this new path.

15 years have passed since the recording of the first two tracks “Fog” and “Das”, the musicians around Francesco Mariani have often changed over the years both in the studio and during live acts. The first influences that went from Sonic Youth to Red Crayola, from Christian Death to Nirvana and many others have cooled, relieved, are now totally digested. Now the thought goes to those who have managed to evolve by changing.

You seem to be very underground and experimental, in a positive way of course, what’s your opinion on current underground scene in Italy?

The term underground has always made me think of something pure and exclusive.

I understand what you mean. There have always been great bands. You play abroad, the labels propose, there are contacts and collaborations. Often there is no earth under your feet, certainties and therefore everything always collapses. It’s a question of fashions of culture, investments, revenues, credibility, professionalism, skills. Those who have the means to bring out everything often throw themselves into safer things.

Bands that made it to the top of the UK charts would be “underground” here.

Then there are those who struggle a lot to be able to remain and support their own reality without distorting themselves, taking care of multiple aspects that go outside of music and want to remain wistfully, aware of their position without unnecessary ups and downs. It is a long speech. You know.

Also your merch is a great visual reflection of your sound, what about the graphic choice?

Apart from the cover of the split with HAVAH by Meghan Remy AKA U.S. Girl and the first tape “Worm / Seed”, I made the dozen other covers. I have a passion for graffiti that started even before I started playing.

The first core of HEBV starts with three writers who then started a band. And for continuity, the first cover was made with spray paint.

It comes naturally to me to take care of this aspect too, with a bit of testing something decent comes out. Often the result is abstract. It happened to read some reviews describing the cover for what it wasn’t.

Everyone interprets it as he wants, that’s fine with me.

Let’s talk about the “sempre delusione” (always delusion”) part of your life…

Every day we rewind the tape thinking about the first memories of life up to the present reliving our experiences. Getting back into the game, recognizing and admitting your mistakes are the first steps to be calm and conscious.

You can’t always fix everything, something must be left, but never forgotten. You have to be ready. Try again.

What is your favorite place to perform? And why.

There is no particular place where I like to perform, it depends on the state of mind and the harmony with the other members of the band. A good sound system certainly helps, but it’s not essential.

Often also the welcoming moment in the venue is a good starting point. It’s not nice when it looks like they’re doing you a favor and they don’t really know who you are. The moment you start playing, however, you forget everything, and if the audience is interested it becomes very pleasant.

Honestly, I prefer the recording studio over the live performance, I started late, and I think I missed the best years to fidget on a stage, traveling around the world in a van.

What is your biggest noise inspiration? 

Of course, everything your senses perceive becomes a source of inspiration, such as silence, vibrations, lights, smells. It has now become a natural process even if sometimes you have to take some notes so as not to forget the ideas to be developed.

Noise is a way to test your stamina, like coming across hard-to-understand books or films. Time after time the experience will be milder. It creates a kind of armor for you. It can help you become more patient in everyday life.

Thinking about it, many people who make extreme noise are really calm people in appearance.

How have you changed in the last tree years? 

I wanted to make a new LP without spending so much time. I’ve done several demos, including valid ones. But it seemed to me that there was no such evolution as to justify a new release. Without these pretensions there would certainly have been a new record.

I started composing different music on the computer, sweeter, melodic, cinematic, without screams or big distortions, including my influences away from music made by heavy guitars. This helped me to recharge, to the point of wanting to quickly release the new EP “Body Crash / Sempre Delusione”.

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