Since 2008, The Underground Youth have been along with us during the postmodern decline. Craig Dyer’s Band touches inner struggles with placid calm: verses are free to be interpreted (just like dreams) while sound follows existencial flow. We had a little chat with Craig tonight…

the underground youth interview
Oliver kaye ph

Dal 2008, Gli Underground Youth ci fanno compagnia in questi anni di declino postmoderno. La band di Craig Dyer sfiora con placida calma i moti interiori: versi liberi di essere interpretati, un po’ come i sogni, mentre il sound segue il flusso esistenziale. Stanotte abbiamo scambiato due chiacchiere con Craig…

How do you usually fill the void?

I write. I create. I pick up an instrument.

underground youth .jpg

Sometimes, when you write your feelings down right away, don’t you feel the need to rip up everything?

Just because something is written down doesn’t mean you have to use it for something. I leave it alone. Never revisit it. But I’d never get rid of it.

What is the best post punk dystopia you ever imagined?

I think our current reality is beyond anything imagined.

the underground youth music
Lorenzo Vecchio ph

What collaborations are your favorite?

Noisey, Beautiful, Abstract, The Obvious, Industrial Landscapes and the Opposite, New German Cinema, French New Wave, No Wave, Haunting, Poetic, Repetition etc.

new wave

Photos from @TheUndergroundYouth Facebook
Label: Fuzz Club Records
IG: @theundergroundyouth


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