Illustrator Abby Jame // Interview

Abby Jame is a talented, insightful, and funny artist. Her illustrations give a hilarious, relatable narrative with a special eye on the postmodern female experience. Her honesty and personal drawing style, comprised of little dirty spots and 90s teen details, bring us to the portal of her freaky world…

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What would you say is your strongest ability as an illustrator?

I wouldn’t really call myself an illustrator as I don’t do too many illustration commissions and that’s not really my goal. I get bored by commercial work and trying to draw for other people’s ideas is kind of physically painful, I am probably just extremely selfish and currently trying to make that work to my advantage career-wise.

pigiama magazine abby jame interview

I think my strongest artistic ability is humor. I can’t draw the most realistic beautiful thing, but I can make a face be funny lol

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Where do you take your inspiration from?

My pain and stress usually, because it motivates me to relieve myself of them and often the subject matter ends up being relatable. I’m also inspired by my friends, teenage experiences (i was a bit reckless,) science fiction and fantasy, which I like to combine with a bratty millennial voice.pigiama magazine illustration artist

I’m kind of just a brat walking around in my imagination world, yelling at elves and plants.

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I also have a very interesting family. My mom is a dog expert quilting queen who used to hang out with the hells angels and do meth, my brother is a genius who has insane grandiose delusions of a fashionable nature, and my dad is jewish new yorker guy and i can’t tell if he likes me. I’m kind of obsessed with them all.

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Has anybody ever told you that you look like Sabrina the teenage witch of the 90s? 

I have never been compared to MJH, but I watched Sabrina religiously growing up. Although Buffy was/is my favorite show of all time.witchy hand illustration

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What are 3 essential things that you bring with you every day?

Spf 70+ to prolong my youth, a tiny rubber lamb that calms me, and a notebook.

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What is a myth about women’s sexuality you’d like to debunk most?

Idk there are so many, but I find myself viewing sex exactly like men do, and wonder if the differences are just made up (in how we think about sex) . Like, blue balls is awful, I also become crazed with lust, and I would totally talk up a guy just to use him for sex – it’s just that women do it less harmfully because we’re not destructive apes.

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I also don’t understand how a man can have sex with you for 3 minutes and think it’s all good. As Riley Reid once said “jerk off in ur fucking car before u come inside my house if you have to, i dont deal w that one minute shit” . I’m paraphrasing but yeah.

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I think sex is fundamentally flawed, the women experience at least. The simulation gods need to make a new design for how sex works.
I’ll email them.

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It’s interesting to have a hole be your defining organ. Always needing to protect and fill it up. Seeds and shapes go in, blood and babies come out.
god is a womanI can’t imagine what it would be like to have a Phallus, and your primal need is to put it inside of things. I think it’s interesting how shapes inform behavior lmao idk 

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If there was a portal to another world, where would it be?

Perhaps a hell dimension portal exists in the glossier building.

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