Visual artist Aliche Arcangeli // Interview


Alice Arcangeli is a multi-talented visual artist from Bologna, Italy. Aliche is driven by her love of human empathy and the desire to help others develop and nourish their creative confidence. Her illustration style, while playful and whimsical, does a great job in documenting the small details in her inner world and  feminine sensibility.

alice arcangeli visual artist

What originally made you want to become a visual artist?

Since I was a child I felt a strong need for expression by experimenting with the most varied ways, growing up I decided that I would never abandon that need and I decided to dedicate my life to expressing myself. But defining myself a visual artist was a far from simple process, after years of conflict with myself I decided to recognize in this term, especially for its versatility.



How much attention do you pay to the feedback of others on your work?

I would feel like lying if I said I don’t care about feedback. Surely a comment does not compromise the whole job but serves to make you think.


alice arcangeli illustration

We must not just count who “pro” and who “against” but think about why one artwork is more appreciated than another, for example: was it for its shape or its content?


italian illustrator


What is your favorite thing to express?

I like to get candid through my works, to show skin and tears, everything that could make me feel uncomfortable I say it as well as to say:

“I lay down my arms, I’m all here”

pigiama magazine cat

Showing myself as I m was especially difficult at first, and still scares me at times but I think about it and I tell myself that I don’t want to stop because I know perfectly well that it would be just for fear of being attacked in some way, and I don’t want to incite this fear.


Furthermore, this way of doing has given me the opportunity to hear the stories of many people with the same desire (or need) to tell each other.

we are the same

How do you promote yourself, as a person?

I have an idea of myself as a changing subject. I know myself very well and I also know how much I change over time (fortunately). If I had to describe myself to an alien being I would say “Aliche, it is written with the” CH “.

cat girl


It has a green and a blue eye and very long hair.
Drawing, filming and crying often.
172 cm of gluten-free empathy.


What is a myth about woman sexuality you’d like to debunk most?

It is difficult to choose because as much as I feel that something is changing, there is still a lot of ignorance out there.


vagina power

It is believed that women must  shave,
that women must have maternal instincts,
that they must have children or they should be wasted.

It is believed that women cannot work together,
that women are weak,
that women are weak but evil.

“All sluts except my mom”.

These and many other stereotypes knock me down every day but at the same time they encourage me to go on with my work.

womens'freedomFor almost a year I have been part of the work team of Mulieris Magazine, an all-female magazine that tells the point of view of the female WOMEN artists.

mulieris magazine

For the first edition of the female masturbation theme, I created the masturbation diary: a diary where you can write how often\how you make love with yourself. His success astounded me, I didn’t think he could scandalize so much.


More about Aliche is coming soon on our second Issue #𝓢𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓮

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