Illustrator Bondovaga // Interview

Bondovaga is an Italian and English artist currently living on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Scotland far away from human contact. Her female centered illustrations depict free spirited modern day witches with a carefree attitude (and usually hairy legs)- all topped with colorful crystals, bongs and black cats.

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What magic would you most want to be able to do if you were a witch? Or maybe you ARE a witch?

I wish, but I don’t think I am a witch. Honestly, I would love to be able to fly, unseen, into other people’s houses and just look at the contents of their fridge. I know it sounds weird but I’m oddly curious about what kind of food other people have.

Also, I would immediately clone myself and send my double out to fulfill all my social duties while I just sit in the house and talk to my cats.

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Where do you find your inspiration for your art?

I am mostly inspired by my own experiences, moods and the people in my life. My artwork is definitely female centred, so a lot of my inspiration comes from reflecting on my own and my friends’ behaviour. But finding inspiration can be a very random process for me.

I’ll get an idea out of nowhere that gives me a feeling of excitement and then I will develop it from there.

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What medium are you most comfortable in?

I like using black pens on smooth bristol paper. Clear black lines are extremely satisfying for me to draw. Then I edit and colour my artwork digitally.

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What’s your ultimate dream?

My ultimate dream is to write short comic books about my witchy women from start to finish. I’ve always wanted to expand from illustrating towards a more complete form of visual storytelling, like a graphic novel for instance.

I’m just waiting for the right idea and inspiration to motivate me.
I would also like to open an animal rescue centre one day.

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Is there anything you can’t or don’t like to draw?

Not really… I mean, I definitely have a harder time drawing mechanical stuff like cars or spaceships, but once I learn how to draw something, I will twist it to suit my personal style and then I start to enjoy it.

I like to feel free when I draw, and to me that also means overcoming the ‘bad feeling’ I get when I draw something difficult or that I don’t like.

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What was the last thing you Googled?

PIGMENT CHANGE ON UPPER LIP IS IT PERMANENT??!” Ok so, I bought a laser hair removal device but I must have exposed myself to the light too soon and I basically tanned my upper lip which ended up looking worse so I panic googled this mid-crisis.
I’m thinking about pairing it with a sombrero and a poncho to make it seem intentional. That’s a great drawing idea actually.

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website: bondovaga
FB: @bondovagaart