Singer & songwriter HÅN // Interview

Hån is a 24 years old girl who combines music and visual imaginary to materialise her imaginary world. PERIOD

The Magazine Marie Claire defines you as a Witch, what you think?

I think that it would be very cool and useful to have magic powers. Indeed I often dream about being in Hogwarts and using my spells to ease my life. I have a very detailed book about astrology, but I only bought it because I was bored one day. But it turned out to be pretty interesting and fun.

I think my witch side comes out in the sense that I’m a dreamer and someone who reads into things and signals a lot.

Your sound and world are pretty close to the atmosphere of Pigiama Magazine, are you a chronic daydreamer with a melancholic mood too?

Yes actually I think that’s the most accurate definition of me you could ever find. I’ll write down that one.

You are Italian, but you looks like a nordic girl and artist. Is this an intentional?

It’s not intentional, but it’s kind of a natural evolvement from what I’ve listened to throughout these years. I’ve always been fascinated with North European  sounds and atmospheres, so it kinda came naturally. I don’t want my language to limit me, but I’m not trying to escape my real origins.

What relationship do you have with your guitar?

My guitar is still the first one I ever bought, so this plays an important emotional role. It’s not the best, but I don’t think I deserve a better one still. I’m still far from being a guitarist, I use it mostly to write. During quarantine I exercised a lot though. My favourite effect ever is reverb: now I own a simple boss rv 6 but I would love the Strymon Big Sky.

Where would you like to live?

I’d like to live in a big city. Indeed I’m probably moving to London in September. I think it’s better to be in a busy environment when you’re young and ambitious. This can teach you a lot. Being around many people, life styles, talents etc. But I enjoy nature a lot, so I will have to find a balance between these .

How is born your attraction for dream-pop and electronic sounds?

Actually I was introduced to electronic through artists like teebs, bonobo, baths and flying lotus, so a lot of experimental things. Then I started to listen to pop-electronic like chrvches, but right now I’m also attracted to real instruments sounds. In particular I love weird drum patterns played by acoustic drums.

Do you feel understood by our postmodern generation?

I started doing music because I was feeling the need to communicate. I don’t know if I wanted to share things with other people or just to explain things to myself. I feel okay with my generation, I think we’re very open minded and connected to the rest of the world. We’re aware of what’s happening outside of our little town.

Ph from HÅN's fb page
IG: @hanmusic.jpg
FB: @songsbyhan

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