Music librarian & musician MOON SONGS // Interview

Moon Songs is the solo music project of a french girl called Maud who is born and raised in Paris. She released her debut EP The Tiny Winter Melodies debut EP in January 2021.

She makes some minimal and melancholic dream pop combining electro beats, Bossa Nova rhythms and her love for surf music with some obscure old synths.

As a musician but also as a new author, Maud recently published her first novel “Homesick”, a story about love, music and travels, a gathering of personal and surrounding life’s experiences.

To her the process of playing music is expressed with just as much importance as writing or creating visual universes. She is constantly working towards merging the 3.

I know you are a music librarian, could you please tell us something about your job?

This is a very cool and interesting job. I became “musical librarian” to combine some of my passions for music and literature.

This is a specific branch in libraries where you don’t lean books but music. You have to create or develop and save collections and spread them, you can give some musical conferences, organize some concerts, events, meetings, all related to music.

The great thing is that I’m listening to some bands all day long, I’m paid to gather tracks and to broadcast them. This is really cool and it lets me enough free time to devote to my own music. 

Do you think music genres still exist? 

Of Course! Main music genres still exist and are kind of easy to identify. But this is less the case for sub genres. Identifying sub genres implies that you must know a little about it to recognize the subtleties especially since they’re more numerous.

Genres still exist, the only difference is that artists / bands no longer stop at playing only one, they merge multiple style in their music.

And what about your music instead? 

Well, my music is mainly influenced by rock genre but it changed of style with time. I started to learn and play classical piano at 4 however my first band as a teenager was kind of ska-punk / with some older guys I’ve contacted after reading their announce stuck on a wall of my high school cafeteria! After then I’ve played in several other bands (punk, folk rock, dream pop also as various collabs.)

Moon Songs is my very first solo project but the process and instruments stayed the same:  I sing and play piano and guitar, also compose some beat loops on my computer (Image Line FL Studio, Cubase…) I adore weird or old synths I use as the Op1, the Tenori-On, Q-Chord, Omnichord, Casios because of their Lo-Fi sounds.

By the way cheap or cheesy effects, rotten voices are great. This is my punk youth speaking I guess! 

I love your Omnichord, can you tell us about this lil creature you own?

The Omnichord is an electronic Autoharp from the 80’s. You can use various Major and Minor Keys combined with a digital pad to create arpeggios. I found it on a flea market during a trip to Arizona years ago and it still works really fine. The perfect cheap sound ever! Ideal for 8 Bits music as well, I recommend it so bad! 

Moon Songs, dreamy name, are you a dreamer?

Ahah! For sure I’m lost in Space most of the time but I’m rather a realistic mind. I use to think and create more than dreaming. Moon Songs name has been chosen because I wanted something who reminds aerial melodies, quietness and peaceful ambiance. 

Do plants help you create?

Nature in general is a huge inspiration to me. I have the chance to live few meters from the riversides and the forest. This is a perfect spot to walk and also for contemplation.

It matters to me to always keep the link between Earth, my body and mind. It comforts me.

Watching seasons passing by is especially very prolific to compose music. So of course, I can’t live without plants. I love to live with as much as I can, even at home. My house is mostly a shelter for broken, sick abandoned plants I’ve found and collected through years. I’ve tried to save each of them and now my house is a jungle!

IG: @___moonsongs___