THE GLUTS band // Interview

The Gluts is a psychedelic post-punk band based in Milan.
During its career the band has published 3 studio albums and 1 live album: Warsaw (2014), Estasi (2016), Fuzz Club Session: The Gluts (2018), Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip (2019). The first one was released by Nasoni Records and all the others by Fuzz Club Records. Their fourth album is expected to be out in autumn 2021 and followed by a promotional tour in Europe.
The members of The Gluts are the brothers Marco (guitar) and Nicolò Campana (frontman) Claudia Cesana (bass) and Dario Bassi (drums). Fueled with mutual affection, the band plays vigorous and fierce live shows. 

PH: Claudia Marzocchi

I’ve always had the feeling that your vibe is pissed off at the world, or is it just the punk appearance?

The music we make mirrors what we feel deep inside, or at least the process of discovering it.

Most of the times the songs are shapeless ideas or feelings that are firstly vaguely played, and secondly elaborated into a precise structure of notes, chords noise and lyrics.

One of the languages we share and use is punk. Maybe the vibe you are referring to is a direct consequence. But punk doesn’t end only end in being pissed off at the world injustices, because it involves lightheartedness, fun and respect.

Pick one Joy Division’s song and tell me why did you choose it!

It’s easy to answer with She’s lost Control, Disorder, Shadowplay, Atmosphere or LWTUA (probably one of the best songs EVER written). Therefore, we choose Transmission because Marco and Nico are very fond of this song since at the beginning of The Gluts, around 2012, (Dario and Claudia had not yet joined the band) it was included during our live performances. Transmission is the first cover we ever made, and one of the very few we would play in all our “history”. (You may still find some old videos on YouTube, unless Claudia has removed them, haha)

We later found out that Peter Murphy of Bauhaus used to play it live on his solo tour and so did The Smashing Pumpkins. Their version is totally different from the original one, and it’s amazing. The interesting fact is that by reading again the lyrics today, we can somehow find references to the historical moment we are experiencing (although obviously Ian was referring to something else when he wrote this song).

How is it to be part of the Fuzz Club family?

First at all, we do love our label-mates and fans. And obviously Casper Dee as well. You’ve almost got the point by using the term “family”, even though it’s the one used by many people that are somehow involved into it.

Fuzz Club has created something difficult to be accomplished: a large and strong transnational community. In fact, it is not only about printing vinyls and record deals, but mostly creating a sense of togetherness between bands, visual artists, promoters and supporters that share a common tastes of music and an encompassing and inclusive world view.

What are your other activities aside from The Gluts?

Marco is a loving father of two children. Consequently, besides being a sales man and a noise-maker, one of his activity is being a good parent. In the little spare time left, he builds guitar pedals.
Both Claudia and Nico work in the book publishing area; the former has fulfilled one of her dreams by being employed in a typography, while the latter has recently became responsible of the distribution of a promising new independent publishing house.
Dario is professionally involved in the academic world, now conducting a research on water cultures in Italy during the last centuries.

What are your personal favorite tracks to play on the stage?

It’s been so long time since we last played in a venue that not only did we forget how to play old songs, but almost how it feels too.

E. The Real Punk Rocker” is probably the song that we used to enjoy the most during a live appearance. Even though we performed it as penultimate, it was a pivotal moment for the whole exhibition.

While playing that song Nico had always taken advantage to drag himself into the pit, which enforced the interplay between us and the audience. If followed with “Rag Doll” and anticipated by “Come to fire”, it’s the ideal song to be played in order to create the perfect ending climax.

How did you “realize that you’re not so dumb”?

That’s a very intimate question that we like. Thanks for asking.
Each of us is well aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and of the others as well.

Off stage or before getting on it, a single glance is enough to understand how we feel; a smile, or a hug are enough to lift up and encourage who needs support. Since we love and trust each other very much, every one can rely on the others. Therefore we are aware that we work well as a band and there’s no room for any kind of “dumbness”.

More generally, every one of us has faced difficult moments and felt not at the heights of expectations. Undoubtedly talking about own insecurities openly with someone thrust-worthy is one the first steps to overcome them. That’s what we would probably suggest to anyone.

PH: Claudia Marzocchi

Crowdfunding albums via online platforms is something many musicians are turning to these crazy days, what do you think about this process?

Before starting our GoFundMe campaign for the recording expenses, we wondered whether it was appropriate or not.

Due to the total stop of musical performances, crowdfunding is the best way to make up for the missed revenue of live shows, which are the most of profit for almost every underground band.

For what concerns us, it was essential to achieve our goals, but we want to consider it as once and never again experience.

FB: @thegluts
IG: @thegluts

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