Artist Ashley Dreyfus // Interview

Ashley Dreyfus is a self-taught mixed media artist and cartoonist currently based in Boise, Idaho USA. After graduating from high school, Ashley made the decision to pursue art as a full-time career instead of going to art school. Her artistic passions span drawing, painting, large mural painting, and tattooing.

You’re an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. which came first?

I have always loved to draw and cartoon. I had my first art show three years ago, and have since been working on my daily 365 drawing project. In this project I create and poste a new visual every day, and have just started into my fourth year of this practice. It has been very beneficial in pushing me to establish a strong, vibrant, and relatable artistic style.

Where do you work?

My main studio and workspace is in my home in Boise idaho, where I create graphic art, and draws and paints.

Much like the art that I like to create, my studio is full of vibrant images, light, and color.

I have a large wall that is devoted to collaborative artwork done by artist friends of hers. This wall is a huge collage of mixed-media pieces representing my passion for supporting other artists.

What is it about “cute monsters” that makes you love to draw them?

I call my large blue characters “Alter Egos”. They represent the insides of humans as genderless, innocent beings coming out to play and enjoy life with no judgement, responsibility, or fear.

The cartoon world that I have created is based on my perspective on everyday life and the world that I experience around me. I devote most of my time to drawing and painting. I am also currently learning to be a tattoo artist.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

When I create my work it is usually pen to paper, and my ideas are created organically. I sit down to draw and can see characters and landscapes already in the blank page in front of me. I am inspired to create images based on my own ideas and versions of the visuals around me.

I love the concept of collaboration and sharing with other visual artists, and am especially grateful to the many people who like what I create and encourage me to keep making new art every day.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy going to local coffee houses and spending time with my three cats.

-How much energy do you put into the idea/concept and how much goes into actually realizing an illustration?

I actually create my art in the moment, so I don’t exactly put energy into the idea/concept.
A light bulb just goes off inside my head and I put pen to paper to create my drawings.

Ashley Dreyfus

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