PEOPLE CLUB band // Interview

People Club band is actually a People Club: the five members from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States responded to each other’s ads searching for musicians on the Internet. None of them knew each other previously, but instantly felt a vibe and formed the band.

Their passion for indie and soul music met in Berlin in early 2018.  This five like-minded humans are pretty close to sexism, racism, homophobia issues all seasoned with lavish effects, synthesisers and lo-fi mood.

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How do you maintain good relations between the band members?

Most of the time we are just fooling around, we make music in between the jokes.  We also play mind games with each other.  There’s a lot of manipulation and black magic, basically. It’s all fun and (mind) games really with us.

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How would you describe your personal style? What are your apparel inspirations?

We take inspiration from all sorts of places clobber-wise and mix and match pieces from different eras.  The grunge aesthetic of the 90s is really cool as are oversized suits. Berlin is a brilliant place to be for fashion, a real melting pot of cool cats.

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And what about the music? How can you define your sound?

Soul meets indie pop?  We don’t like to define it really, it’s just People Club to us.

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What is the theme behind your second single “Lonesome” and its amazing video?

Lonesome’ tells a story of choosing to go solo; loving your time spent with friends but not wanting to be around people, all the time – because sometimes you just want to be alone.
The video for the song was super fun to make.  It’s heavily inspired by vintage film noir. Sarah plays the role of a murderer, slaying male character tropes via speed-dating. Ray plays the detective, and the boys are the loser dates and ultimately, the victims of the crazed killer!

Who’s Scott?

‘Kil Scott’ is told from the perspective of a gold digger, a predator digging in the pockets of the wealthy, elderly man.  She has a conscience though and is tormented by her own cruelty.  The song is basically about her inner thoughts as she waits for him to die.

It’s the title track of our debut EP ‘Kil Scott’, which is about a fictional guy called Scott and his nasty ways.  He’s like an embodiment of the loathsome aspects of perceived masculinity that shouldn’t have a place in modern society

The video was kindly made by our friends in Morioh Sonder, they’re a really cool band, check ‘em out!

Can you tell me where the “People Club” name came from?

Well there’s two sides to that – it’s derivative of a jokey Facebook group that Saxon is a member of back in Australia with his friends, ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’.  We all thought that was a funny name for a group, it inspired us to make a more inclusive and genderless version, hence ‘People Club’.  Simple as that!

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PEOPLE CLUB: Sarah Martin (lead vocals), Ray Sonder (bass, backing vocals), Saxon Gable (guitar, backing vocals), Pete Costello (keyboards, backing vocals) & Drew Deal (drums)

Photos by Nhi Tran Thi Thuy

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LABEL: Big Move Records

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