Illustrator Clémence Moutoussamy // Interview

Paris based illustrator Clémence Moutoussamy (Clef) drives you in vibrant, sexy and also magic world. Through her illustrations, she questions individual freedom and give voice to feminism in the contemporary era. She has always been fascinated by the complexity of human being and its material and immaterial aspects. Let’s see what’s behind these vacuum eyes…

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How did you become interested in art that’s focused on human rights and feminism?

My personal experiences have naturally led me to focus my art on human rights and feminism. I was first guided by the anger of injustice that women face everyday. More thoughtfully, I wanted to use drawing as a real tool for activism.

I am also a contributor to a media promoting and democratizing human rights: L’AAATELIER (@laaatelier on Instagram). This media allows me to go deeper into my work by combining my illustrations with articles on many different topics that I would never have approached in the first place.

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Your work SEEMS to speak specifically to women. What is the masculine reaction to your work?

My work doesn’t necessarily speak to women only. I would rather say it speaks about feminism and, in that case, it is a subject that must speak to men as well, because it concerns them too, as men are also victims of patriarchy.

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Unfortunately, the reality is that we are still far from interesting all men on feminism. This is also why I often draw my illustrations in a comics and sarcastic way. I think it is a popular code that reaches out to most people regardless of gender. The result is that 30% of my followers are men and most of them send me supporting messages for feminism cause.

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What practices do you take for self-care and reflection?

I’m an anxious person, and 2016 was the time when I had the most anxiety crisis. I started drawing really regularly to help me feeling better. It was a real outlet at the time and I never stopped to draw since then. Other than that, I practice yoga since 3 years and sophrology since 1 year. These are tools that help me to calm down and meditate on a daily basis.

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How does your personal experience play into your art?

In my childhood I was very shy, I had trouble speaking to other people. My mother took me to art classes when I was 4 years old so that I can express myself in a different form.

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Now, my art allows me to review my perspectives, it helps me to open my mind every day a little more.

For me, I’m only at the beginning of my art, I have not pushed the artistic approach far enough yet. For me, art is not static, it’s alive and it has to be nourished by personal experience, culture and emotions.

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Is there any occult influence within your work?

There is an occult influence.
It makes my drawings to be more symbolic than analytical and helps the double meaning in my creations. Each illustration can be interpreted in a different way from one person to another.


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Clémence Moutoussamy

FB: @Clef

IG: @clefusb