L.A Witch Band // Interview

L.A. Witch is a three-piece group from you can imagine where, and they are damned bewitching and cool. They evoke a lovely dark atmosphere, pretty far away from the sun-soaked Los Angeles most of us imagine. Sade Sanchez’s languid voice is joined by her sexy guitar riffs, Irita Pai’s bass line magically blends with the heavy reverb, and Ellie English’s drumming is essential and hypnotic. Their slowcore garage/psych/surf-rock is a hazy nightmare, a witchy voice that invites you to get lost in the desert, a moonlight drive to nowhere. Jump in their car and enjoy the ride, dear dreamers!

L.A Witch interview
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Can you recall the moment you all realized that you could really make music together and be this band?

IRITA: The first time that we all jammed together. It felt really natural, like something we were meant to be doing.  

SADE: Looking back, it took a while for us to get the ball rolling on everything since we had other obligations at the time we so its hard to pin point that moment. But I think from the beginning, there was a sense of drive and urge in all of us to play music and to create together.


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The deep reverb that you are using is very characteristic. How did it become such an integral part of your sound?

SADE: When I first started playing electric guitar as a teen I had a small amp that came with some built in effects. One of them was reverb and another was distortion. I fell in love with the sounds of the two effects and quickly discovered I could accentuate my tone and (hide my shitty playing lol) with not only the guitar but with different effects.

At the same time i was discovering different music genres and bands like My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain who drowned their music in reverb and distortion.
I currently use mainly my df-2 and Ts-9 for distortion and depend on the reverb from the tank in my amp or use what ever reverb pedal i can find at the moment thats not broken.


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What’s your zodiac sign? Do you believe in astrology?


SADE: Im a pisces. Yea, sure. We’re mostly made of water which is one of the most susceptible elements, so I do think the energy of planets and other things have an influence on us. 
ELLIE: I’m a cancer. Me and my dad have the same birthday and were both born the year of the snake and were very similar.
IRITA: Sun in Aquarius, Libra Moon, Gemini Rising. Astrology is fun, we like asking bands we tour with what sign they are.
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PH: Mono Photo Studio

Any advice on how to quit a toxic relationship when you’re still in love?

IRITA: I’m terrible when I’m in love, I’ll put up with a lot. I’m probably the worst person to give advice on this one!   

SADE: start a band? Skate? Go on a trip if you’re not on a quarantine lockdown. haha.
ELLIE: that’s a really tough question. If love for someone else overrides your drive to a better life then it’s hard to move forward. Whether it’s a relationship love, or friendship love, No one should have to emotionally, financially or physically suffer just to love someone. There is a difference between avoidable suffering and unavoidable suffering. You should always love yourself too. And you can still love someone and not be with them. 

If you ask a fortune teller about your upcoming music, what would she said?

IRITA: Will we be able to tour in 2020? Hopefully her answer is yes. But only if it’s safe.


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Do you like playing in Italy?

SADE: YES! I love italy. I been trying to learn to speak italian for the past year. Its one of my favorite cultures. Very similar to Mexican in some ways. Maybe thats why I like it so much?

IRITA: Italy is amazing. We’ve had dinner on the canals in Venice, drinks on the beach in Sardinia, played in a punk house that used to be a mortuary and then played in the garden villa of an Italian prince for Fashion Week, climbed to the top of the tower in Verona. Our booking agent and tour manager are both from Italy, so we’ve been so lucky to spend a lot of time there.
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More about L.A Witch on our upcoming printed issue 𝓢𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓷𝓮 #02

FB: @lawitches
IG: @la_witch
website: lawitch.tumblr.com
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records