Illustrator & hypnotherapist Danielle Pioli // Interview

Danielle Pioli is an Illustrator, Hypnotherapist, and Energy Healer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has many creative passions and remains curious to discover more. She exploring how Art can be a healing tool, both for those who create and those who consume. In other words, Danielle is an Artist Healer.

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What is the best thing about being a Hypnotherapist?

Hypnosis has a very wrong reputation, unfortunately. The Christian church banished any sort of hypnosis practices back in the day, associating it with the devil’s work. And up until this day, people still think hypnosis is mind control. So in order to explain what hypnosis really is, we need to debunk some myths.

Hypnosis is NOT mind control. It is NOT sleep. It is NOT what you see in stage hypnosis – those hypnosis shows. Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind, it’s the Theta Brain Waves. You get in and out of those brain waves every day, multiple times. It’s a daydreaming state. It’s a state where we get in touch with our Subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the home of your emotions, habits, beliefs, biological functions. And with hypnosis, we can go into the subconscious mind and rewrite some programming that may be hurting us to ones that are helpful, without the interference of the conscious, critical mind.

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I’ve always been fascinated with the mind. It has always interested me. I grew up to become an artist but never really stopped being curious about the mind, like I already knew its powers, even without any education about it. I decided to go for it when I met my Hypnotherapy teacher, and she showed me how amazing this tool really is.

The best thing about being a hypnotherapist is healing people from life-long traumas, beliefs, and habits that were keeping them from achieving their full potential in life. I have a very spiritual approach and belief system, so healing people is what I believe to be the synonym of healing the world, making it a better place for us to experience this physical, material life.

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Fantasy and reality. Which one is the main inspiration for your illustration?

Both. What is reality anyway? How can we tell anything is real? I like fantasy because I’ve always been the kind of person that believes that the world is a LOT more magical than we are conditioned to believe. Fantasy inspires me when I visualize the life of my dreams in a hypnosis/ meditation practice. But I don’t think that is not connected to reality. I think at the end of the day it’s all one.

We are creating reality from fantasy. With the help of what would be considered “magic” but it’s now being scientifically proven to be Quantum Physics, and the Law of Attraction. So to me, it’s all intertwined. So I like using both in my art. My comic strips are clearly based in my daily life, though.

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As an artist, what is your biggest frustration?

My biggest frustration as an artist is when I’m not able to fully communicate what is inside my head. I believe the job of an artist, or any creative person, is to work as a conduit for ideas to become material, physical things. Like they have a life of their own, and they’re using you as a vessel to experience the world as material things. I believe everything has life, everything is conscious. So I get frustrated when I don’t get to do a good job for these energies.

Sometimes we just need a break. When I don’t feel inspired or when my connection to inspiration gets narrow, doing something else really helps. Because the more you try, the harder you fail. I choose the path of least resistance and go do something else. It could be something related to art or not. Music helps a lot. Playing guitar and singing to me is like dancing to many people.

The release of energy is so amazing that you renew yourself in just a few minutes. But sometimes I just go watch something, or read a book, or research about some topic that interests me. Because inspiration is everywhere. You just need to learn how to look. You can strengthen your connection to inspiration by learning something completely new, different, random even. Something there may spark some ideas you never had before.

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What does your typical day look like?

I’ve always been a night owl. So it’s hard for me to wake up early. I wish I could just choose how long I would sleep and wake up refreshed and renewed all the time – I probably wouldn’t sleep much, if at all!

My typical day is very mundane. Since I work from home, I have the freedom to wake up whenever I wake up. And for that I am SO grateful. I don’t have breakfast, recently I’ve been doing intermittent fasting. So some days I don’t even have lunch. So it’s some extra time to work, be creative, etc. I do work out, sometimes Yoga, sometime Hiit workouts – all with the help of YouTube, of course!

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Some days I’m very inspired to draw, other days I’m inspired to do something else. Other days I’m not inspired at all. Lately I’ve been respecting myself more, and where I’m at energetically because I’m the kind of person who needs to be productive in order to feel useful. In order to feel valuable. And that’s simply not true. So I’m changing that belief and consciously choosing to slow down. And enjoy my days, my activities more.

At night I get more curious, so I’m always researching some weird subjects, watching videos, or reading books about the topics I’m interested in. And also there are lots of Pick A Cards happening! Sometimes I do my hypnosis/ meditation during the day, sometimes at night, it depends on how I’m feeling. And sometimes I have little rituals in my little altar.

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Can you tell us about your zine, Rise Underground Society?

Yes! Rise Underground Zine emerged from a need for collaborating with the artistic scene of the moment. My partner is in an independent band and I’ve been around other bands for a while and I saw an environment that could use a little boost of support. And it’s the same with other kinds of artists, such as illustrators, poets, etc. The Zine kind of starting morphing into something of my own, with content that I felt important and appropriate for that audience. I got inspired by old magazines such as Punk magazine, and 90s zines, riot grrrl zines, etc.

I stopped releasing the zine in a monthly period because I do it all on my own – sometimes I have a little help from my partner, Andre. But it gets a little too much some months. But I have a website for the zine and I’ve been posting there.

Also, the zine transformed into a Society, where supporters on Patreon can become members of the Society and be part of a community of artists to collaborate, help out, etc.


Choose a card from your tarot deck.

The Magician. I decided I’d use a tarot card generator online and I love that the Magician came out because this is probably my favorite card.

The Magician means manifesting. It means being resourceful and working on deliberately manifesting things into your life. It means to take inspired action, because inspiration is never a coincidence. When you take inspired action you accept the message from the Universe that you are going to help that idea be translated into its new physical form. You can manifest everything you desire in your life and the Magician is there to remind you of that.

Be resourceful, trust your intuition, take inspired action. You’ve got this.

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